DOWNPAYMENT - For BUSHWAXER Women's Brazilian Training Course and Product

DOWNPAYMENT - For BUSHWAXER Women's Brazilian Training Course and Product

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BUSHWAXER Invoice for DOWNPAYMENT on Training Course and Product

Downpayment for the following:

Training Class: Women's Full-Day Brazilian Wax Training Course (up to 5 students) - $2,495.00 - (discounted to $1,500.00)

Product requested:  

$300.00 - (10) bags BW Hard Wax @ $30/bag

$70.00 - (7) bags BW Soft Wax @ $10/bag

$120.00 - (8) bottles BW Pre-/Post-Oil

$60.00 - (3) BW Large Silicone cans/collars

$60.00 - (4) BW Small Silicone cans/collars

Total for training class and product: $2,110.00

Downpayment: $1,055.00

Remainder: $1055.00


BUSHWAXER Women's Full-Day Brazilian Wax Training Class - $2,495.00 -(for up to 5 students)

The BW Brazilian course will provide full-day instruction for up to (5) students. This is a custom training opportunity, taught by a dynamic and professional team, made up of Esthetician Jessica Griffeth (Owner of Amore Wax Salons), and Michael Hodges, (Founder and CEO of BUSHWAXER). 

The goal of this course is to provide knowledge and expertise to your waxing professionals on best-practice methods for Women’s Brazilian waxing. After completing this course, they will be able to deliver a calm, confident experience for your clients, so they can brag about the best wax they ever had! This high level, small class instruction will help to build your customer retention rate, and justify your pricing. 

Class Date: Scheduled when purchased. (Tentatively set for Mon, 2/3/20)
Class Location: TBD when scheduled.