Bushwaxer Ultra-Thin Softwax IN A BAG!!! (~12oz)

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This soft wax is truly a waxer’s DREAM! It spreads ultra-thin, as in paper-thin, and can be easily removed! Being that it is in a bag, it saves so much space, and makes for less expensive shipping and storage (we are able to ship and store 4 times the amount of wax, as tins are no longer a factor). This wax is designed to be used in our Silicone cans, as you can empty the entire contents of one bag into the Silicone can, and it will not overflow the can!  When you run low, just add another full bag!

To empty the contents:  
  • Microwave your bag on Defrost setting for 1-1.5 minutes [Other warming options include hot water, a hot towel warmer, or even warmth from the sun, providing it’s hot outside! 
  • After warming, cut the corner of your bag, and squeeze the wax out into your Silicone can.  You’re ready to go!