Bushwaxer Ultra-Thin Softwax IN A BAG!!! (~12oz) [BWG]

Bushwaxer Ultra-Thin Softwax IN A BAG!!! (~12oz) [BWG]

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The Bushwaxer Ultra-Thin Soft Wax IN A BAG, is a waxers dream.  Being that it is in a bag, it saves so much space.  We are able to ship and store 4x the amount of wax.  This makes shipping and storage cheaper.  The tins are not a factor anymore.  

This soft wax is truly a waxers dream in that it spreads ultra-thin, as in paper thin.  This means that you can remove it without slinging excess wax over your clients.  Amanda will be posting videos in the near future in the FB Group "Best Waxing Group"

We've designed the softwax to be placed into our small Silican.  This means that you are able to empty the entire contents of the bag in the Silican and not overflow the can.  When you run low, just add another full bag.

To empty contents:  Microwave your bag on Defrost for 1-1.5 minutes, cut the corner of your bag and squeeze into your can.  Other warming options are; towel warmer, hot water, your warmer (roll up bag and put it in your warmer), or the dashboard of your vehicle for a few minutes (if its hot outside).