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BUSHWAXER Hard Wax and Oil (2-Trays: 35.27 oz) [AHB]

BUSHWAXER Hard Wax and Oil (2-Trays: 35.27 oz) [AHB]

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Bushwaxer Wax is a European beeswax hard wax.  The beeswax allows the wax to be used at a lower temperature, making the application process almost like a soft wax.  The wax has a cloudy indicator, so once it is applied, it will begin to cloud over to indicate that it is ready to be removed.  The same oil can then be reapplied to the skin to help the skin continue to recover.  Those who use it love it.  And we are very excited about this product.

Bushwaxer Oil is Pre/Post Treatment Oil with a Grape Seed base oil with Lavender, Tea Tree and Sweet Orange essentials.  It is a very light oil that has recovery proponents in the essential oils.  This is a great oil for waxing, especially with BUSHWAXER Hard Wax, as it begins the recovery process even before the procedure has been performed, which helps keep the skin hydrated and reduces irritation.

Includes 2 Wax Trays (35.3oz)