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BUSHWAXER Hard Wax is a European, beeswax-based hard wax.  The beeswax allows the wax to be used at a lower temperature, making the application process almost like a soft wax. The wax has a cloudy indicator, so once applied, it will begin to cloud over to indicate that it is ready to be removed. 

This wax works best with our BUSHWAXER pre/post oil, which is an organic, grapeseed-based oil, with Sweet Orange, Tea Tree and Lavender essentials. This is a very lightweight oil, that helps to both hydrate the skin, and to begin the recovery process, even before you start the procedure.The same oil can then be reapplied to the skin, to help the skin continue to recover. (For best results when using this wax, avoid applying any type of mineral oil.)

Those who use BUSHWAXER love it, and we are very excited about our products!

Be the BUSHWAXER!!! 

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